THAWW II: Call for Art

Visual Arts
Organization The Yards Art Collective and Hungwell Art Services
Deadline February 26, 2024

Prompt: Live here long enough and you learn that at a certain point in the winter the sky will go gray. The temperature gets low. Night and day begin to feel the same. The mood changes.  Living becomes quieter. The cold isolates, and the snow becomes a blank canvas.

Rochester is a place that embraces melancholy. We feel it, but we also observe it. We pull from it.  We share it. We try to understand it, and we reveal it in order to find meaning through it. It lives in our art.

It can be seen in the way Walter Thomas Sacks could look at Bristol Hills in February and find light. It looks back from the fierce, cold stares of Ramon Santiago’s pale portraits.  You can feel it from the disturbed and isolated figures of Robert Ernst Marx. Rochester can render in the dark.

It’s that time again.  When we turn in. We hibernate. We create while we wait for the THAWW.

THAWW is an annual exhibition that celebrates the things we make while we rest.  This is a call for works in any medium that speak on the above theme.  The goal of The Yards Art Collective and Hungwell Art Services is to usher in spring again by putting up and putting away the winter.

Jury: We are giving out three awards of $100 a piece in three categories. This is a show juried by the patrons.  Admission is free. Viewers are asked to use their smart enabled device to vote on the work that speaks to them most in the following categories, meant to honor the memory of three people.

Details: Artists are invited to submit up to three works in any medium by completing a google form. The application fee is due by February 26th

$25.00 for non-Yards member for up to 3 images
$20.00 for Yards members for up to 3 images

Artists are encouraged to think creatively in regard to the prompt.  We are considering works in any medium, however works with video or installation components may be required to provide their own equipment.

Curation: This show is to be curated by collage artist Erica Bryant, artist and curator for the Behind the Glass Gallery Richard B Colón, and artist and curator Matt Vanderlee.


+All Submissions due by February 26th.

+Artist informed by February 29th

+Art works drop off and delivery by March 10th

+Exhibition Opening and Reception March 15th

+Exhibition Hangs till March 31st