Request for Qualifications: Artist Engagement Team for the City of Rochester and Monroe County Arts and Culture Plan

All Disciplines
Organization City of Rochester
Deadline February 4, 2024

In 2024, the City of Rochester, Monroe County, and a consultant will create an arts and culture plan for the City and County through research and comprehensive community engagement. The City, County, and Consultant are seeking local artists to help develop and implement community engagement strategies for the Plan. For the purposes of this RFQ, “Artists” include individuals that work anywhere on the broad spectrum of creative endeavors, including but not limited to literary arts, performing arts and visual arts.


The Plan budget includes $30,000 for local artists (an “Artist Engagement Team”) to participate in the development and implementation of community engagement. An Artist Engagement Team is a model established by cities such as Minneapolis in which artists use their creativity to think outside the box of routine outreach. Artists are uniquely well suited to discuss art with residents and other artists, and often have access to networks of people through their own community leadership.

Broadly, the work of the Artist Engagement Team will include collaborating with the City, the County and the Consultant (the “Project Team”) on developing community engagement strategies, and subsequently carrying out those strategies. The purpose of the work will be to hear from stakeholders and general members of the community, about how the City, County and institutions throughout the County can help make arts and culture in our area even more robust.

The Project Team is looking for artists with experience in community engagement and/or artists who are excited to use their skills for community engagement. Engagement tasks could include but are not limited to activities such as facilitating small and large group discussions, actively listening, designing and distributing print materials, or leading community art events. In-person engagement often happens during non-traditional work hours, including weekday evenings and weekends.

It is important to note:

 This is NOT a Call for Art; creating art is not part of this Project. However, opportunities for community art events and other creative strategies are encouraged as part of the outreach purpose of the Project.

 Giving feedback on the substance of the Plan is not the core of the Artist Engagement Team’s work. If you are an artist interested in having your voice heard as part of Plan development, there will be many opportunities for the Project Team to hear your perspective.

The Project Team is looking for three to four Artists for the Artist Engagement Team. The number of hours worked by each Artist will depend on whether the Project Team selects three or four Artists for the team. See below. Eligibility: Artists who live in the City of Rochester, or who have an art studio or office in the City of Rochester. To find out if a specific address is in the City of Rochester, enter the address into the search box at this webpage:

Rate of pay: $100 per hour Approximate number of work hours and total payment for work:*

 If three artists are selected, each artist would work approximately 100 hours, for a total of approximately $10,000

 If four artists are selected, each artist would work approximately 75 hours, for a total of approximately $7,500

*This is an estimate of the work hours required and the actual hours may vary based on the Artist’s availability and other factors. Timeline: approximately 2/3 of the work in spring/early summer 2024. The remainder of work in fall 2024.