Monstrosities A creature horror comic anthology

Visual Arts
Organization Warden Comics
Deadline March 31, 2022

Monstrosities will be a full-color, all-comics anthology. Each story will be between 4 and 10 pages in length. The desired contents are insanity inducing monsters. Prefer new creations that have never been seen on a page before.

Pitches from a SOLO CREATOR (making the entire comic by yourself), or as a TEAM (yourself including one or more additional team members). You are responsible for forming and managing your team.

Online publication as a web comic or portfolio piece is ok for submission.


Warden Comics will pay a page rate of $75/page. Teams are responsible for deciding how they split the payment. Additionally, ten contributor’s copies per creator, and the perpetual right to buy copies of the anthology for 50% off the cover price.

All creators will receive 10 copies of all advertisement objects related to their story. (See RIGHTS)

With money left over from all production, stretch goals, and fulfillment Warden Comics intends to increase the page rate for contributors. Further details will be discussed with contributors if we are successful.