Lilac Mag L1 (First Issue)

Literary Arts
Organization Lilac Mag
Deadline September 30, 2021

All submissions should relate to the current issue’s theme.

It’s 2021, and the world is re-awakening in fits and starts. After dreaming for so long of better days, it almost seems those are on the way – and now, some of the escapes we once planned have become possible. Whether it’s a literal escape – from a job, a city, a relationship, to vacation – or a metaphorical one, our first issue of LILAC will be all about the concept of flight and freedom.

WRITTEN | Please adhere to a 3,000 maximum word count & email a Word doc or PDF.
VISUAL | Please attach files or link to a portfolio.

LILAC is a literary print magazine based in Rochester, NY.
Each issue of LILAC contains writing, photography and artwork centered around a specific theme. LILAC accepts global submissions of fiction and non-fiction, including memoir, essay, short story, poetry, and criticism. Digitized photography and artwork is also accepted.

LILAC seeks to publish under-amplified talent and pledges to provide compensation for all creators. Accepted submissions will be paid a flat rate and receive an additional percentage of any print profits.