Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artists

Visual Arts
Organization Queer|Art
Deadline July 12, 2023

The Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artists, a $10,000 grant, supports visual artists who are self-identified Black trans women and trans femmes. This new grant is made possible entirely through support provided by visual artist Mariette Pathy Allen with key consultancy by Aaryn Lang. This year, Mariette Pathy Allen has decided to expand the grant to further recognize finalists for their artistic achievements. Queer|Art is pleased to announce that the grant will also provide a $1,250 award to four distinguished finalists.

The llluminations Grant is administered through Queer|Art with a rotating panel of judges, each of whom will conduct a studio visit with the winning artist as part of the award’s focus on supporting creative and professional development. Judges for the 2023 grant cycle include Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Lauren Haynes, and Jade Kuriki Olivo (Puppies, Puppies). Queer|Art staff will also provide the winning artist with consultations and further access to many of the tools they have developed in conjunction with the organization’s cornerstone creative and professional development program, Queer|Art|Mentorship.

Qualified artists must be self-identified Black trans women and trans femmes working in visual art and based in the United States.