Grants to Host a Fall/Winter Carillon Gathering

Organization Guild of Carillonneurs in North America
Deadline August 1, 2023

The GCNA is pleased offer a grant program for hosts of fall/winter carillon gatherings.

For each of the seven geographic regions listed below, one grant of $1,000 will be available. (Up to seven grants may be awarded each year.)

To qualify, each gathering must:

feature a schedule that includes at least 90 minutes of performance-based masterclasses conducted at the carillon;
take place between September 15 and March 31; and
be open to all GCNA members.

It is expected that most of these gatherings will be one-day events (perhaps 1.5 days), but there is no strict requirement relating to duration.

Hosts are encouraged to include recitals, lectures, open tower time, outreach activities, and other elements in the event schedule, but the only requirement is at least 90 minutes of masterclasses (which can be split into more than one session).