Call for Writing

Literary Arts
Organization Manifest Gallery (Cincinnati, Ohio)
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Critical, Philosophical, Creative, Narrative, Poetic, or Historical Works Related to the Practices of DRAWING, PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, or the Subject of LIGHT

The award-winning International Drawing Annual (INDA) was launched in 2005, the International PAINTING Annual (INPA) was launched in 2010, and the award-winning International Photography Annual (INPHA) launched in 2012. These three annual publications represent the primary output of Manifest Press which documents the organization’s collaborations with artists from around the world through carefully designed publications and has the goal to make Manifest’s visual art projects accessible to the public everywhere, especially outside its own region.

Manifest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our book projects complement our gallery exhibition program by expanding our inquiry into the creative efforts of artists working today, and serve to document the exceptional results for posterity, distributing the unique collection of artists and works in each book around the world.


With the inclusion of a call for writing Manifest eagerly pursues a deeper understanding of how the disciplines featured in our three annual publications are realized, discussed, and interpreted in contemporary society. Works of writing will be selected to complement the body of artwork chosen for inclusion in the publication, (independent of any particular work of art). Text pieces are commonly included at the start of the book, as an introduction to the ‘exhibit in print’.

Written entries can be in any form (poetic, historical, technical, creative, narrative, philosophical) but should be directly relevant to one of the disciplines indicated (drawing, painting, photography/light) and must be original works with proper citation for quoted material. Length of written entries should be limited to a max. of approximately 1500 words. Written entries should not be mere artist statements, referring to specific works. They should be considered relative to inclusion in books which are primarily exhibitions-in-print (focused on images), and that written works are selected to give a poignant boost to the readers’ experience of the entire collection of art presented in the pages.

While this is an ongoing or rolling call for submissions, each project has an annual deadline. All written entries relevant to any given topic received by that project’s deadline will be considered for inclusion in that or future books.

As stated above, written submissions can be made at any time throughout the year. However below are the general timeframes for each given project. Any deadline extensions for entries of visual work will also apply to writing

DRAWING Deadline (INDA) (March 1, 2022)

PHOTOGRAPHY / LIGHT Deadline (INPHA) (December 31, 2022)

PAINTING Deadline (INPA) (December 31, 2023)