Call for Submissions: Saints Preserve Us!

Visual Arts
Organization Saints Preserve Us Art Show
Deadline September 1, 2023

We are Cielo Ornelas MacFarlane, Laurie MacFarlane and Martha Schermerhorn! We are organizing this third annual show at The Yards (50-52 Public Market Way Rochester, NY 14609) of contemporary ex-votos, altars and shrines as lifelong fans and makers of them!

Ex-voto is the proper Latin term, meaning “from the vow” for the type of Christian devotional art that is offered to a saint or to God as thanks for a miracle, a blessing, and as testimony to others. An ex-voto can be a crutch or cane that is no longer needed, a small sculpture of a body part that was healed, or a commissioned painting of an event miraculously survived.

An altar is a space for ritual or worship, such as a place for making offerings or sacrifices, receiving communion, or casting spells. A shrine is a space that is considered special or sacred because of its association with a particular person or event, such as the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Juan Diego or the first time you saw One Direction live in concert

This year we also wanted to provide the prompt of devotional articles like amulets, talismans, and lucky charms. Small objects that can be worn or carried to benefit the person who does so. A green scapular in Catholic tradition – blessed by a priest, a Turkish Nazar to protect against the evil eye, or the Celtic four-leaf clover.

This call is open to any and all interpretations, religious and secular, personal and political, fictional and factual. Preference given to artists local to the Rochester/Buffalo area with all mediums welcome (including installations!) and no size restrictions.

Submission fee
$20 for up to five entries of 1-3 images each.
Please send fee via PayPal to [email protected] (using the Friends and Family option) at the time of submission.
Accepted artists are responsible for delivery and pick up of their work in a timely manner.

Submission Deadline: September 1st
Notification of Acceptance: September 10th
Artwork must be delivered by October 15th
Exhibition Dates:  October 20th – 28th
Opening Reception: October 20th