Call for Entry: Peace + Love Exhibition

Visual Arts
Organization Project Peace + Love
Deadline May 10, 2024

Exhibition Peace + Love returns with its yearly display, celebrating a diverse range of artistic expressions united by the theme of promoting “Peace + Love.” Artists of all backgrounds and proficiency levels are encouraged to participate, and we kindly request that all submissions include elements of cyan, magenta, or yellow. This exhibition welcomes participants from all walks of life and stages in their creative journey.

Project Peace + Love is a collaborative organization aiming to bring a sense of community through creativity, acceptance, peace, and love.

We are opening this exhibition to ALL skill levels, no matter the formal education you may have, the skill level you see yourself at, or the experience you may have with regards to past shows. Whether you’re a veteran artist, or you’re just starting out; this show is for you.

This project centers on the act of introspection and self-expression, encouraging individuals to explore and address critical concerns or challenges observed within their local communities or on a broader, global spectrum. These issues may have a direct link to one’s community while also resonating with individuals in various corners of the world. For our second exhibition, the team would like our participants to “reflect” on how they express peace and love throughout their lives. Has your definition of peace been challenged? When have you felt intense love and compassion? Part of our mission is to showcase everyone’s true human experience and we want to hear your message.

If you choose and would like to participate in any volunteer-based roles, potential workshops, and the sharing of knowledge the team has, please don’t hesitate to ask. We here at Project Peace + Love are always willing to expand any educational means if one wishes to learn.

The 2024 exhibition will be on view June 1 – June 30, 2024. This is a non-juried show and there will not be any awards given out as we see that it will hinder the mission statement we are trying to convey.