Call for Dance Artists and Collaborators

Performing Arts
Organization Dances at MuCCC
Deadline April 8, 2023

We—new directors, Donna Davenport and Nanako Horikawa Mandrino–are seeking contemporary dance/experimental works by independent artists; companies; faculty; graduate students; and community-based groups. Together we’ll create two shared programs.

Mutual support and generosity are central to this annual dance festival, produced in a small community theater, the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center (MuCCC) on 142 Atlantic Ave. in Rochester, NY. For years Laurie MacFarlane and Ruben Ornelas created a performance opportunity and a backstage space with patience, compassion, and levity. Join us to continue that legacy!

Notification by May 1st

Program A – Wed. & Fri., June 28 & 30

Program B – Thurs. & Sat. June 29 & July 1

Selection Process: Depends on how many proposals are submitted. No piece will be over 10 min. including set-up and clean-up. Both emerging artists and experienced choreographers will be considered equally. Each applicant must describe their use of accompaniment/music/sound and their permission to use the music.

Artist Stipend and Ticket Price: Once we hear from the granting organization (end of March), we will announce the artist’s stipend and ticket prices.

Production Process: Artists will be given the opportunity to sign-up for spacing on Sunday 6/25 (15 min. slots) after 6:00 p.m. and a 20 min. tech’ slot on Mon. 6/26 (for Program A) or Tues. 6/27 (for Program B). The “tech” time will generate a modest lighting design and sound cues. Projections are possible. Each cast is responsible for their own set-up and clean-up.

Technical Info: A professional Technical Director will oversee the process, and each piece must be represented by one person in the tech’ booth (upstairs). MuCCC rules: No artist is permitted to alter the stage or house physically, to tape anything on the walls, or to use glitter. Stage approx. 32’x18’.

MuCCC Culture: The theatre is run by volunteers as a Co-op. We expect, therefore, that each artist will sign-up for a house duty—box office, ushering, or cleaning—and we invite all performers to volunteer for shifts before or after each performance.

Questions? Contact: e-mail [email protected]