Call for Artists: Cornell Biennial 2022, “Futurities, Uncertain”

Visual Arts
Organization Cherry Arts
Deadline June 1, 2022

The Cherry Arts’ “Local Futurities” is a multimedia satellite exhibition for local and regional artists in collaboration with the 2022 Cornell Biennial “Futurities, Uncertain”. Inviting celebratory imaginations and enactments of “Futurities, Uncertain” in line with this year’s Cornell Biennial theme, Cherry’s “Local Futurities” is an artistic call, and a response, to the question of how artistic imaginaries might stage the potential of multiple futurities. “Local Futurities” asks how the arts can render the colonial past and the multinational present uncertain on local and trans-local levels. Inspired by global artistic response to technological and biopolitical oppressions and possibilities, how can artistic futurities imagine cultural transformation? What do these futures look like beyond the singular or utopic? An exchange of artistic projects across the disciplines might animate the future differently. Projects might ponder future blends of human, animal, and material just as they might reflect on fluid temporal movements between past, present, and future. How might multiple artistic practices embrace the uncertainty of futurities to activate creativity, thought, and social justice anew?

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2022

*All exhibited artists will be compensated with stipends in excess of recommendations for an organization of the Cherry’s size. These recommendations vary depending on the number of artists showing.