Audition: ‘Very Truly Yours, Gilbert and Sullivan’ (Actors and Singers)

Performing Arts
Organization Off-Monroe Players
Deadline February 1, 2022

Off-Monroe Players’ May 2022 production will be ‘Very Truly Yours, Gilbert and Sullivan’ by Gayden Wren. Directed by Amanda Lobaugh and Charles Palella with Music Direction by Marcia Sheremeta. Very Truly Yours is a biographic review of Gilbert and Sullivan’s collaborations as told through their letters and other documents of their time.

We need performers in a variety of capacities:
-Soloists with dialogue (soloists will also sing all ensemble numbers)
-Narrators with no solos (who may also sing with the ensemble if they wish)
-Chorus members who also speak some of the dialogue
-Chorus members who only sing in the ensemble numbers

Each of the featured numbers are listed on the show page for this production on the Off-Monroe Players website. We will consider singers of different genders than that of the original characters.…/very…/2022-SPRING/
There are even audition options!
-If you have performed with OMP in recent history, please email the directors to let them know what your interest is by Tuesday, February 1. Emails are listed below.

-If you have not performed with OMP, or if you would like to try something different you can submit a video of yourself singing any song, preferably from the canon, and/or a dramatic reading of your choosing. Show us what you can do, but please submit your video to the directors by email (see emails below) by Tuesday, February 1.

-If you prefer auditioning in real time, email the directors and let them know. Pending COVID restrictions, real-time auditions may be live or via Zoom. Either way, the directors will work with you to schedule a time on the evening of Tuesday, February 1.

-If you are interested in being in the chorus only, welcome aboard! Please visit the show page for this production on our website, download and fill out the VTY Sign Up Sheet, then email it to the directors. (Scan it, take a photo, edit the PDF – whatever works for you.) You can let us know on that form if you are also interested in speaking a line or two.

The directors can be reached at:
Amanda Lobaugh: [email protected]
Charles Palella: [email protected]
PLEASE NOTE: Proof of vaccination and booster are required to participate in this show. We appreciate your understanding.