Audition Notice: The Flower Debt

Performing Arts
Organization Infinite Spark Theater Company
Deadline April 30, 2023

Fiona Criddle’s The Flower Debt is an experimental nonlinear poetry play inspired by the myth of Persephone and Hades. As Persephone grapples with her autonomy as the new queen of an ever-changing domain, Hades takes progressively radical measures to stave off the collapse of his entire realm. From amidst this turmoil, Persephone must discover the deep and magical keys to her liberation.

Saturday, April 22 from 2:00 – 4:00PM
Saturday, April 29 from 2:00 – 4:00PM

South Wedge Mission
125 Caroline Street, 1st floor
Rochester, NY 14620

This play will be workshopped and rehearsed using the collaborative process of Physical Storytelling (In this case, physical storytelling means things like movement sequences, ensemble and choral work, heightened physicality, and embodied characterization).

(*No formal dance training/movement experience required.* YOU, the Performer, are the movement language. There is no physical prerequisite. Everyone is an innate storyteller with a body, and all bodies are great ones!)

Rehearsals: June and July (2-3 days/week, willing to work with availability) until tech week
Tech: week of August 6
Show dates: August 11, 12 & 13 at MuCCC

*All roles are non-paid at this time (possibility for a percentage of ticket sales)

PERSEPHONE (18+) – female presenting, the goddess of spring whose strong internal compass is tested by the magnitude of adaptations she has to make. While brought to her current position unwillingly–and seeking restoration to her rightful home–she is fundamentally curious and humane.

Track One: HADES (18+) – male presenting, the god of the underworld.
-HADES is accustomed to undisputed authority in his domain. However, he’s not necessarily the best manager. Though he/they is morally aware, he is perfectly willing to look the other way to serve his purposes.
-CHORUS ONE (any age) – multiple characters/creatures/states of being manipulating the environment.

Track Two: HECATE (18+) – the goddess of magic and witchcraft.
-HECATE: For all her power and influence–and benevolence toward Persephone–she/they can be a bit absent minded. Think someone who’s so connected to the big picture, that sometimes the details, and other people’s perspectives, can get lost.
-CHORUS TWO (any age) – multiple characters/creatures/states of being manipulating the environment.