Audition: Barbeque

Performing Arts
Organization Blackfriars Theatre and the Bronze Collective
Deadline July 25, 2022

By Robert O’Hara
Directed by David Shakes
in partnership with The Bronze Collective

Auditions: Monday, July 25 at 6pm
Callbacks: Tuesday, July 26 at 6pm

Initial auditions will consist of cold reads from the script. Please arrive having read the play and familiar with the characters. There is a PDF of the script below. Bring a headshot/photo, resume and your calendar to complete the rehearsal conflicts. Please bring a mask to the auditions. You will be able to remove it for the audition. Thank you!

Rehearsals: beginning Sept. 18, at the earliest
Tech: October 23-26, 2022
Show: October 27-30 & November 2-6, 2022

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: (casting 10 roles, ages 30s-50s)

JAMES T…black male, 40s-50s
LILLIE ANNE…black female, 50s-60s
BARBARA…black female, 30s-40s
MARIE…black female, 40s-50s
ALDEAN…black female, 40s-50s

JAMES T…white male, 40s-50s
LILLIE ANNE…white female, 50s-60s
BARBARA…white female, 30s-40s
MARIE…white female, 40s-50s
ALDEAN…white female, 40s-50s

There can be no conflicts during tech week. If you are involved in another show that overlaps with any part of this process, please email us the conflicts at [email protected] prior to signing up for auditions. Questions? Please email us at [email protected]. Auditions will take place at Blackfriars Theatre, 795 E Main St, Rochester 14605.