Artists Grant Program for Rochester Musicians

Organization Local Sound Collaborative
Deadline June 3, 2023

This program is meant to financially subsidize and assist independent musicians who may have financial need. This program will provide regular monthly payments of $200/month for twelve months beginning December 1, 2023. AGP is based on a Universal Based Income model meaning this stipend is the artist’s to spend however they choose: for groceries, sound equipment, or even an electric bill (etc.).

Eligibility Requirements:
– Live in the Greater Rochester, NY area
– 18 years of age or older
– Identify as a member, worker, and/or participant within the local music community (live musician, studio musician, production engineer, sound technician, etc)

Selection Process: In this pilot year, the grant committee will open the AGP to six artists–three spots of which will be reserved for artists who identify as persons of color. We want to promote equity, fairness and reflect the diversity of Rochester’s music scene through this program and make it as easy as possible for musicians to have access to the support provided through this program.