Artist Employment Program

All Disciplines
Organization Creatives Rebuild New York
Deadline March 25, 2022

Creatives Rebuild New York’s (CRNY) Artist Employment Program (AEP) will fund employment for up to 300 artists, culture bearers, and culture makers (artists) in collaboration with dozens of community-based organizations across New York State for two years. Participating artists will receive a salary of $65,000 per year, plus benefits, with dedicated time to focus on their practice. Participating organizations will receive funds that range between $25,000 and $100,000 per year to support artists’ employment.

AEP funding will support employment benefits—such as medical, dental, vision, and all compulsory benefits—through the organization that holds the artist’s employment. These benefits will be administered in accordance with that organization’s standard Human Resources practices.

Artists’ employment will be held in one of two ways:

A collaborating organization holds employment: The applying organization must have a reliable payroll infrastructure; be able to provide workers’ compensation; provide tax withholding services; and have a Human Resources system in place.

Employment is held through an intermediary: For applying organizations that are not able to hold employment and benefits, artists will be employed by an intermediary organization that will facilitate payroll and provide Human Resources services.

CRNY is in active conversation with a workers’ collective to act as an intermediary that can hold employment and provide benefits for a portion of artists in AEP. This intermediary will support organizations that want to hire artists but have limited capacity to hold employment and/or provide benefits.