Artadia Awards New York

Visual Arts
Organization Artadia
Deadline April 1, 2022

The Artadia Awards provide financial support, exposure and recognition to artists. The awards are unrestricted, allowing artists to use the funds in any way they choose.

The Artadia application is open for one month in each program city, is free to apply and open-call.

A jury of three curators assembled by Artadia, including one locally based curator, reviews all applications and determines a short list of six Finalists.

A second jury, assembled by Artadia, made up of one juror from the application review and one new juror conducts virtual studio visits with each Finalist for 45 minutes.*

Following the studio visits, the second round jury will designate three Awardees to receive unrestricted funds of $10,000*, as well as access to the Artadia Network. Awardees are determined based on the sole discretion of the jury. *Marciano Artadia Awardee receives unrestricted funds of $25,000.

For their time and labor in the application process, Artadia provides stipends to each Finalist ultimately not chosen as an Awardee.

Applicants must be a contemporary visual artist, making artwork for presentation in a contemporary art context: museum, galleries, arts non-profit, the public art realm, etc. Artadia does not fund filmmakers making films for distribution in cinematic venues, or those working in choreography presented outside of a contemporary art context.
Applicants must be currently living and working within the city’s eligible counties and resided there for at least two years prior to the application deadline.*
Not currently be enrolled in an art-related degree program, nor be planning to attend an art-related degree program in the coming year.
Not be related to Artadia staff or directors in any way.
Have never received an award from Artadia or from The Art Council (Artadia’s former name). Please note that former finalists are eligible to apply.
If you are enrolled in a long-term artist residency program, please note you are only eligible to apply in the Award city where you permanently reside. Additionally, you must make yourself available to meet with jurors for a 45 minute virtual studio visit should you be chosen as a Finalist.
Unless applying as a collaborative, you must be the sole conceptual author of the artwork submitted in the application; if there are collaborators that share authorship of submitted work they must be clearly identified and credited.