Adobe Stock Artist Development Fund

Visual Arts
Organization Adobe
Deadline January 22, 2023

We created the Artist Development Fund to support and promote outstanding artists identifying with underrepresented communities and provide a platform to showcase and celebrate their independent, empowered, and creative forms of visual expression. This content will be part of the Adobe Stock collection ( to help with truthful representation in the stock and media industry. We’re prioritizing content (photography, vectors, illustrations, and video) that’s created by self-identifying artists from underrepresented communities that authentically depicts the lives and experiences of: • Black people • Hispanic/Latinx people • Asian/Pacific Islander people • Indigenous people • LGBTQ+ people • Disabled people • Women (cis and trans inclusive) • Veterans • People of different religions (e.g. Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam) • People of different ages (e.g. seniors) • People of all body and skin types

CRITERIA • You must be at least 18 years old, and a person who self-identifies with one of the underrepresented communities listed above. • You must be an Adobe Stock Contributor to apply for funding. If you don’t have an account yet, please join here for free. • Our topics are based on observed cultural trends in the U.S. However, we encourage global applications* from artists who would recommend a local approach to the topics.

FUNDING DETAILS 1. The fund provides a flat amount of $7,500 (USD) per selected artist. 40 artists will be selected on a rolling basis between February 22, 2022 to January 22, 2023. 2. Selected artists will deliver one of the three options: •200 video stock footage clips* •375 still stock assets: which are photos, vectors, or illustrations •250 mixed stills and video stock footage clips: which are photos, illustrations, vectors & video stock footage clips*
(* A video stock footage clip is a 5-60 second short clip that is either silent (no sound) or may have ambient natural sound, mostly are used for clients’ composite projects. There are no voice-overs, narration, or music. )

3. The project production time will be 2 months. Selected artists will receive 50% upfront funds and the remaining 50% will be paid after submission and acceptance of work by Adobe Stock. 4. Artists will be able to take full advantage of promotional opportunities to share their work, voices, and personal stories with the Adobe community and our partner communities. This includes Creative Cloud/Adobe Stock social channels, blogs, and/or our websites. 5. Licensing: As part of our commitment to expand accessibility and promote accurate cultural representation in stock, all content created with support from the Artist Development Fund will be available for licensing from the Adobe Stock free collection for one year. After that year, the content will then become part of the standard collection and artists will receive royalties when the content is licensed. Artists retain ownership of their work.