Artist Grants Program

Organization The Local Sound Collaborative
Deadline September 1, 2022

This is a guaranteed income program meant to financially subsidize and assist independent musicians.
The Artist Grants Program (AGP) will provide 12 regular, no strings attached monthly payments to artists who have financial need.
Grant funds will be distributed on a monthly basis. Payments will be $200 per month for 1 year starting on December 1st 2022.
AGP is based on a Universal Basic Income (UBI) model. This stipend is yours to spend however you may choose: for groceries, sound equipment, or your electric bill.
Eligibility Requirements:
– Live in the Greater Rochester, NY area
– 18 years of age or older
– Identify as a member, worker, and/or participant within the local music community (live musician, studio musician, production engineer, sound technician, etc)

Why a Universal Basic Income program?

Community meetings have driven our design of the artist grants program we will offer in the fall of 2022.
These programs build safety nets to ensure artists do not fall below a defined income floor over time. They enable folks to plan for the future, and foster a music industry that is often incorporated with a high degree of financial risk and uncertainty.
Our program takes influence from the most recent Creatives Rebuild New York initiative as well as other economic and racial justice movements of the past/present.
“Guaranteed income programs build safety nets to ensure that no individual falls below a defined income floor over time. They enable people to weather crises and plan for the future. CRNY’s Guaranteed Income for Artists program takes inspiration from economic and racial justice movements of the past, government actors, reparations-focused philanthropists, and recent pilots and programs across the world.”

– Creatives Rebuild New York

Timeline of Grant Calendar:

June 25th – Grants committee is selected ✔
July 10th – Application is finalized ✔
July 15th – Grants Program is announced and applications are open
September 1st – Applications close
September 1st – October 1st – Interview process begins
November 1st – Recipients are notified and sign contracts
Dec 1st – First month of grant checks issued to recipients
Additional information on our decision making process:
In our pilot year of this program, we will only be able to offer 5 spots for musicians and/or music industry workers. We hope to offer more spots the following year!
We are prioritizing folks who have financial needs, but are not asking for any income calculations or financial paperwork. This first year will operate on a trust based system that operates on the idea that those who apply are in need of assistance. We want to offer an equitable process that eliminates as many hoops and obstacles individuals have to jump through.
The selection of the 5 artists will be made in tandem with our board of directors, artist grants committee, and collaborative director.
We are prioritizing a diverse group of candidates to fill the five spots available for our first cohort of artists. The first musicians to receive this grant will reflect the community we intend to serve.  (Specifically, 3 spots will be reserved for artists of color)

Lastly, make sure you really take time to share with us the work you are currently involved in/creating! You can help grow this program for years to come, and it will happen by showing our city the awesome music that comes from artists like you. We expect any artist who receives this grant to be willing to partner with us to grow the LSC for other musicians in our area.