A work in progress

The City of Rochester is vibrant with the work of countless artists, art workers and arts & culture organizations. We’ve been referred to (often with great marketing fanfare) as a “City of the Arts!” which, on its surface, is a great thing.

But it could be better. In fact, it needs to be better …

better for the people who manage to create so much from often times, too little … better for supporting a wider range of arts and arts workers … better for our audiences and our students … We believe that the social and economic benefits that our arts community creates can be exponentially greater if we invest in our arts and culture workers, and promote the development of tools and spaces to help them create, share, and even bring products to market.

We believe that Rochester, NY
should be a City FOR the Arts.

A city that is for the Arts is one that not only recognizes the value of arts and culture in our daily lives, but one that supports the people who create it. And we’re hoping you’ll work with us to help us get there.

How do we do it? That’s a really good question!

We’re in the process of roughing out what this work will look like. We’ve formed a steering committee that is researching and developing major advocacy points. We’re reaching out and trying to connect with different circles of creators to find common areas of interest and frustration.

What can you do to help?

The fact that you’re reading this is great! Please, share that we’re up to something with your friends and colleagues. We’re working on ways to broaden our reach, and to count our assets. (Numbers and measurable data will go a long way to support our goals) So a super simple way to help further this goal is to tag social posts of you at work, public art, performances, finished or works in progress etc. with the hashtag #rocFORarts

We could also use some images of you at work, or working with others, or even enjoying public art. You can send those to us directly shortly. (INSERT LINK)

We promise there will be more to help with. We appreciate your patience with us too. Transparency, accessibility and inclusion are our guiding principals. Right now we are “moving at the speed of trust”, and there’s a lot to process not only in the work we are trying to do, but in melding the work styles, experiences and personalities of many.

Hang in there with us. We can’t wait to see what we build together.

Stay tuned!

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